Castel Sant Angelo Audio Guide

Castel Sant’Angelo is a fascinating and historic landmark in Rome, Italy. 

It continues to be a well-liked tourist destination, and touring the castle with an audio guide might be more enjoyable.

Use the Castel Sant Angelo audio guide to learn about its fascinating stories and history.

You will receive your ticket by email and download the app and audio tour onto your phone before your visit. 

Enjoy a fascinating self-guided audio tour of the mausoleum while exploring it in your own time.

You can also book a Castel Sant’Angelo guided tour for more in-depth knowledge and to explore its rich history and unique architecture.

Head to Castel Sant’Angelo and step back in time as you put on your headphones. Relive the glory of Emperor Hadrian’s cylindrical mausoleum.

The audio guides’ languages include English, Italian, and German.

Enter the castle and discover its treasures through an award-winning narrative concept that was created by a recognized specialist.

Discover uncommon anecdotes from ancient times and historical information with your audio guide that has been put together from in-depth research.

After entering the old castle, proceed to the huge open space occupied by the execution courtyard.  

As you explore a place reminiscent of the torturous days of the Roman Inquisition, listen to the stories of prominent heretics such as Giordano Bruno.

Learn about the history of Castel Sant’Angelo as a papal residence and be amazed by the fantastic ornamental complex designed by Perino Del Vaga. 

Bring out your inner explorer to open the doors to a remarkable trip! 

Get your tickets to Castel Sant’Angelo and begin an enthralling adventure through time. 

Art lovers will like the Room of Cupid and Psyche and its famed ceiling, beautifully painted with scenes from Greek mythology. 

You can also view the famous Passetto di Borgo, the Pope’s once-secret corridor, and the iconic Angel statue, which looms imposingly on the rooftop.

The self-guided audio tour begins and ends at Castle Sant’ Angelo’s main entrance.

Features you will have

  1. Offline text, audio narration, and maps
  2. You will have unlimited access to all self-guided features.
  3. Audio commentary in English, Chinese, German, French, Italian, and Spanish

Cancellation policy 

You will receive a full refund if you cancel up to one day before the visit date.

Featured Image: HWS.edu

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