Papal Apartments

The Popes decided to make the castle more pleasant in the 1400s and gave the order to turn it into lovely apartments.

The Papal Apartments is on the fourth floor of the castle. In times of danger, the popes would retreat here.

They were once used as a pope’s residence and connected to the Vatican by a secret corridor called the Passetto di Borgo.

Given the extensive effort to decorate the papal flat, it is fair to assume that Pope Paul III intended to use it frequently, not just in times of emergency.

During the decades, the castle’s interior saw the construction of enormous chambers for the pope. 

In the 16th century, Pope Paul III even had a section of the building transformed into a modest palace.

They are still visible and are stunning and lead to a lovely courtyard with a 1544 statue of Archangel Michael. 

You can tour the Papal Apartments by purchasing the Castel Sant’Angelo ticket and see the grandeur of these historic rooms firsthand.

You will find richly decorated rooms with frescoes, tapestries, and ornate furnishings inside the Papal Apartments.

The ceilings are breathtaking, with frescoes by Perino del Vaga, Giulio Romano, and Raphael’s workshop workers. 

Stories from ancient and medieval eras are among the numerous artworks that decorate the Papal apartments. 

Signorelli was a notable Renaissance painter, with his masterwork on display at Orvieto Cathedral.

The Chamber of Cupid and Psyche, the Loggia of Julius II, the Loggia of Paul III (the most elaborate), the Pauline Hall, the Perseus Room, and the Room of Apollo are worth seeing.

The principal room on the first floor is the Room of Apollo. 

It boasts a spectacular frescoed vaulted ceiling. The frescoes have ten panels that tell the legends of Apollo. 

Secure your Castel Sant Angelo tickets and unlock the door to a realm where papal power meets architectural brilliance.

Picture yourself strolling through the halls where the popes once resided and be mesmerized by the exquisite Renaissance art adorning the walls.

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