Castel Sant Angelo Terrace

The roof of this historical structure, not far from the Vatican, offers a spectacular and charming vista. 

Dipped in nature, in one of the city’s wealthiest areas, you will be embraced by the smells and colors of Rome for an unforgettable experience. 

The Italian capital could hardly be more gorgeous.

The Castel Sant Angelo terrace is the finest place to reflect or spend some quiet time alone.

With your Castel Sant’Angelo entry ticket, you can ascend to the magnificent terrace atop the castle and take in the beautiful panoramic views of Rome. 

Take pictures as you take in the sights and sounds of the Eternal City and see the city’s famous sites from a unique angle.

Many cities worldwide have statues of Jesus Christ, the Virgin Mary, or famous saints on lofty buildings or hills to “protect” their residents. 

Pope Pius IX intended to create a statue of St. Peter on the Janiculum, but the Italian government erected Monumento a Giuseppe Garibaldi in its place. 

Although there are other statues atop churches in Rome, the one of Archangel Michael at Castel Sant’Angelo is best positioned

It is viewed as a visual symbol of Rome’s Christian beliefs.

Rome has a temperate climate, but strong winds can blow from time to time.

As a result, the Renaissance marble statue of the angel had metal wings, and the Baroque one that replaced it was built of several bronze interlocking pieces.

It was supported on the inside by iron bars.

The terrace immediately beneath the statue has excellent views in three directions (east, south, and west).

However, views to the south are obstructed by the sun unless one visits in the early morning or late afternoon.

At most, your tour could end on the roof. The views, especially at sunset, will leave you speechless. 

Before exploring Rome, you need to pay close attention to the bronze statue of the angel, which serves as the building’s logo. 

That monument and the Condemned Bell add to the terrace’s strange ambiance. 

The bell no longer rings, although it used to proclaim the executions that were taking place in the court. 

That’s what Giacomo Puccini said in his opera Tosca, set in Castel sant angelo.

Tosca leaped down after the execution of his beloved Cavaradossi in the play, committing suicide because she couldn’t live without him. 


Can you go to the top of Castel Sant Angelo?

Yes, you can reach the top. Only one main entrance to Castel Sant’Angelo is located on one end of the Tiber Bridge. 

You can book your Castel Sant angelo tickets online to avoid long lines at the counter. 

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